Soluble Chloride Removal / Corrosion Control

Cast in Place Concrete

Aquron 300

AQURON 300 Mix Water Conditioner (MWC) is a transparent, amorphous, VOC free, CATALYZED colloidal silica liquid concrete additive used during the batching process to create affordable, high performance concrete.

Aquron 2000 Cure and Seal

Aquron 2000 Cure and Seal Treatment – an environmentally neutral, user friendly, waterborne product formulated to not only give a superior cure and seal, but to also impart significant strength and integrity to every concrete pour (available with or without white pigmentation).
Existing Concrete

Aquron 7000

AQURON® 7000™ readily penetrates/permeates Portland cement concrete when applied to its surface, reducing or eliminating soluble chloride as it does so (only soluble chlorides are relevant to embedded steel corrosion), without affecting the insoluble chloride content or reducing cement paste pH value, to depths of at least 3”-5”/75mm-100mm or more, depending on porosity/permeability of concrete being treated.

Aquron CPT-2000

AQURON ® CPT-2000™ has a highly reactive catalytic agent in a waterborne proprietary colloidal silicate base that produces a silica hydrogel below the surface and inside the concrete matrix. AQURON ® CPT-2000™ is a permanent, clear treatment/preservative/sealant solution for new or existing pneumatically applied or poured concrete. More density is added; additional bonding strength is provided; and the concrete is permanently, hydrostatically sealed from within.

Aquron SPP – Steel Penetrating Primer

SPP is primarily used as a primer coating to protect ferrous materials from further deterioration and loss of mass, through exposure to many naturally occurring elements like electrolytes and moisture. SPP has the ability to create an ionic bond with metal and provide a surface coating that encapsulates corrosion and protects old, deteriorating, ferrous substrates. SPP may be applied directly to surfaces with tightly adhered intact rust (with proper preparation). SPP will penetrate tightly adhered intact rust to bond with the metal substrate below to stop the corrosion process.

Aquron SPT-1200

Aquron SPT-1200 is a water base semi-penetrating siliconate sealer/repellant that provides a tough, breathable, water barrier beneath and to the surface. Not a membrane. Invisible protection for masonry, concrete, and stone with no change to appearance

Aquron 6312

AQURON® 6312 is a clear, waterproofing/oil repellant, of tough curing liquid acrylic styrene and aqueous resin siliconate. AQURON® 6312 is used to apply a monolithic waterproofing/oil repellent to smooth or rough concrete.
AQURON® 6312 can be used for plazas, decks, roof terraces, balconies, parking structures and all other concrete structures.