The Aquron Advantage

Since 1985, the Aquron Corporation International has manufactured environmentally responsible, catalyzed colloidal silica products that extend the life of concrete structures. The Aquron advantage is based upon the proprietary catalyst that significantly reduces the devastating effects of moisture migrating within concrete. This proprietary catalyst is responsible for 5 primary benefits:

  1. COLLOID FORMATION – The Aquron proprietary catalyst enables an amorphous colloid to form and remain in suspension indefinitely at the highest level of integration possible. This allows the Calcium Silicate-Hydrate (CSH) formation to remain amorphous and never crystalline.
  2. DEPTH OF PENETRATION – The catalyst enables our products to penetrate deeply into the concrete, producing an amorphous membrane that reduces permeability (moistures ability to move inside the concrete) and porosity (the size of reticulation it travels on). The significant depth of penetration occurs due to the reduced particle size and the increased lubricity that the catalyst produces. Depth of penetration is important in reducing moisture’s ability to compromise the reinforcing steel, which if left unchecked, can reduce the structural stability and life of the concrete.
  3. INCREASED SATURATION RATE OF THE PORTLAND CEMENT PARTICLE- Because our catalyst reduces the size of the water molecule in blending, our catalyzed products are able to saturate the Portland cement particle at a much higher efficiency rate. This increased saturation rate significantly contributes to extending the life of concrete structures.  
  4. MAXIMUM CSH PRODUCTION – CSH is a binder-paste within the cement matrix. The catalyst in our products is responsible for the highest possible level of reaction and CHS production within the cement matrix and whenever moisture is encountered within concrete. The catalyst in our products enables the highest saturation rate of the cement particle inside the concrete. This maximizes paste production which decreases permeability and porosity, while increasing strength inside the concrete.
  5. PERMANENT INTEGRAL PROTECTION- Our catalyzed amorphous products when applied within concrete will be there for the life of the concrete.