Aquron 300

300 Mix Water Conditioner™

300 MWC provides mix water the ability to initiate hydration without the normal cement potency loss thus improving concrete’s performance values producing smaller more uniform pore sizes, lower void space percentages, improved workability/increased lubricity, less bleed water volume at the surface, while greatly decreasing permeability. 300 MWC utilization produces concrete with greater durability and freezes damage resistance that extends the concrete’s useful life span. AQURON® 300 Mix Water Conditioner provides extraordinary filler benefits similar to silica fume, resulting in denser, stronger, more impermeable concrete with higher integrity, less susceptibility to contaminate pollution, freeze damage, embedded steel corrosion, etc.


  • Adds workability by increasing lubricity
  • Alleviates/eliminates plastic cracking
  • Reduces bleed water volume
  • Improves strengths and increases density
  • Increases impermeability and durability
  • Improves surface abrasion resistance
  • Lowers internal chemical reaction potential
  • Eliminates capillary action potential
  • Reduces absorption rate
  • Lowers\eliminates potential for dusting and slab curl
  • Lowers chloride-induced corrosion potential
  • Increases acid\chemical resistance
  • Decreases cementitious material waste
  • Works to greatly reduce shrinkage cracking and slab curl