Aquatics Division

In 2008 the Aquron Corporation formed the Aquron Aquatics Division recognizing the needs in the Pool and Spa Industry to address certain problematic conditions that are common to Pool Contractors using pneumatically applied ready mix Shotcrete, or dry mix Gunite, poured concrete, natural stone surfaces, waterscapes, and patio deck areas.

Aquron Corporation has helped to protect and preserve concrete and stone structures since 1985 with a number of amazing manufactured products. The same technology used for years in the concrete industry is now being focused on the Pool Industry.

Concrete is not waterproof, and neither is the plaster coat or the mortar and grout used in coping and tile applications. Moisture that migrates into and through a pool shell is very destructive to the structure. Soluble salts in the concrete move with the water and present as efflorescence. Moisture in concrete combines with oxygen and corrodes the reinforcing steel, causing the steel to expand and crack the concrete, as does Freeze Thaw Cycles. Leeching of the pool chemicals through the shell wall into our environmentally fragile ground water supply has raised much concern. Fortunately all of these issues can be managed by the use of Aquron products which in themselves are waterborne and “green”, helping the environment that we live in while helping your bottom line.

Recently we have launched the 3 pronged Efflorescence Prevention Program to address efflorescence from the Shell the Plaster and Tile applications.

1. By Applying Aquron CPSP to the concrete shell it will seal the concrete from the positive or negative side to prevent moisture movement and provide a greater bond coat for the plaster.

2. Another application of CPSP to the plaster coat will set the soluble salts in the plaster to prevent any leeching, and will also help to balance pool chemistry.

3. Addition of Aquron MGS Mortar & Grout Solution to the mortar and grout mix for coping and tile applications will improve density, bond strength, and provide waterproofing to prevent soluble salts from forming unsightly efflorescence. 

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Whatever the challenge, Aquron is dedicated to find a solution. “We Treat Concrete Right”

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