Aquron I-Deck Elastomeric Coating

AQURON® I-Deck Penetrating Sealer

AQURON® I-Deck™ is used to apply a seamless monolithic waterproofing/oil repellent to smooth or rough concrete and bonds to clean, cured, dry concrete. AQURON® I- Deck™ retains its integrity even with substrate movement. If cut or damaged the AQURON® I-Deck™ will prevent water migration between it and the substrate. Tenacious adhesion, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance characterize the AQURON® I-Deck™.

AQURON® I-Deck will waterproof concrete slabs from the top and protecting areas underneath from water damage.

AQURON® I-Deck will also protect concrete from the damaging effects of water, deicing agents, chemicals, gasoline, oil, and antifreeze.


  • Helps preserve the integrity of the concrete from the top down
  • Waterproofs from the top down
  • Helps protect from oil
  • Decreases thermal conductivity
  • Imparts increased surface density
  • Helps protect concrete from deicing agents
  • Helps protect from gasoline
  • Helps protect from anti-freeze
  • Helps protect from Chemicals
  • Makes ice removal easier
  • Increases thermal resistance