Aquron Moisture Vapor Block

AQURON® MVB Concrete Moisture Vapor Blocker™

AQURON® MVB™ is a single application moisture vapor blocker that is an effective primer for coatings. AQURON® MVB forms a clear to milky film surface depending on concrete’s density and surface finish, that is durable and tenacious in adhering to concrete’s surface reducing moisture-vapor transmission to below most threshold levels established by coatings/topical manufacturers. When properly applied AQURON® MVB™ will reduce the moisture-vapor emissions rate from 6 to 3 pounds or less in 24 hours. AQURON® MVB™ also densifies, strengthens, and adds abrasion resistance to concrete, forming a non-tacky surface when dry. AQURON® MVB™ permanently seals concrete, is an excellent primer for coatings, and improves thermal resistance. AQURON® MVB™ cannot be used in direct contact with solvent-based adhesives or coatings. It is necessary to apply a 100% solids water based primer over the MVB prior to applying solvent based coatings. Once AQURON® MVB™ is applied, wait at least 24 hours before applying impervious coatings, coverings etc.

  • Permanently seals concrete from the top
  • Improves adhesion of topicals
  • Preserves matrix integrity
  • Increases surface abrasion resistance
  • Excellent primer for coatings
  • Adds density
  • Improves thermal resistance
  • Increases strength
  • Zero VOC/VOS content
  • Prevents internal water migration
  • Improves acid/chemical resistance
  • Lowers internal chemical reaction potential
  • Lowers electrostatic discharge potential