Aquron 7000

  • Deeply penetrating
  • No voc/vos content
  • User friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Neutralizes internal acids
  • Purges soluble chlorides
  • Works to repacify corroding steel
  • Nondestructive corrosion elimination
  • Surface available immediately the following application
  • Prevents reentry of soluble chlorides
  • Economical


Aquron® 7000 Concrete Soluble Chloride Reducer™

AQURON®7000™ is an odorless, non-toxic, non-petroleum, waterborne solution that is environmentally safe and user-friendly that is spray applied to structurally sound concrete surfaces, which have been cleaned of any contaminates or previous coatings that would adversely affect its penetration. Photo of Port of Napier building AQURON® 7000 is non-destructive, eliminating the need to remove the concrete cover to get closer to or expose the embedded steel. AQURON® 7000 will not alter the surface appearance or physical characteristics of the concrete, nor will it impair surface traction quality, but will enhance surface bonding quality making it an excellent primer for surfaces that are to be coated, if applicable. Treated areas need only to be closed to traffic during actual application with traffic opened immediately following application.

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